I Love Plants!

Let me name the ways:

Delightful imbuement of images

Tantalizing frolic of fragrances

Sensuous tickling of textures

Rustling lull of leaves

Adventurous pleasure of palate


...and the Functional...

1. Plants for food (fruits, flowers, leaves, stems, roots, bulbs, tubers, berries, seeds, nuts, oils, saps)

2. Plants for water (watermelons, cucumbers, cacti)

3. Plants for medicine (apricot kernels, hemp, cannibis)

4.. Plants for salves (aloe vera, jewelweed)

5. Plants for bodily detoxification from heavy metals, radiation (cilantro, chlorella, seaweed)

6.. Plants for flavoring (ceylon cinnamon, cardamon, bergamot, mint, rosemary, chili pepper, ginger, lemongrass, sugar cane, vanilla pods)

7. Plants for fragrances (rose, jasmine, gardenia, honeysuckle, tuberose, plumeria, ylang ylang, champaca, lavender)

8. Plants for dyes (indigo)

9. Plants for clothing (cotton, hemp, bamboo, banana)

10. Plants for shade / privacy / windbreak / shelter (banyan tree, maple, oak, redwood, straw, escalonia, privet, italian cypress)

11. Plants for property defense security (thorny plants that "bite" back~roses, bougainvillea, barberris, citrus trees, palm, cacti, mahonia)

12. Plants for personal defense (pepper spray made from capsaicin of hot chili peppers)

13. Plants for light & fire & heat (eucalyptus wood, fatwood pine)

14. Plants for furniture (bamboo, teak, pine, cedar, maple, oak)

15. Plants for utensils (gourd canteens, cups, bowls)

16. Plants for paper (cotton, papyrus)

17. Plants for decorating (bridal showers, weddings, parties, company events, holiday settings, wreaths, floral arrangements, table decor, wall decor) with (succulents, orchids, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, daisies, peonies, roses, bird of paradise, heliconia, proteus, hibiscus, indian corn, pinecones, grasses)

18. Plants for soap for personal hygiene cleanup (soapwort, coconut, lavender, tea tree oil, anise seed)

19. Plants for home chores cleanup (half of a used lemon, orange, grapefruit)

20. Plants for soil composting cleanup (throw them your kitchen scraps)

21. Plants for air filtration cleanup of carbon dioxide from exhaled breath and environmental toxins (spiderplants, ferns)

22. Plants for provision of oxygen to living aerobic creatures

23. Plants for pest control (neem oil, marigold, pyrethrum, citronella, eucalyptus, cedar, gopher purge)

24. Plants for parasite control (wormwood, black walnut, raw pumpkin seeds, cabbage, pineapple)

25. Plants for soil erosion control (iceplants, willow)

26. Plants for alcohols for industrial use (turpentine, resin, linseed oil)

27. Plants for biofuel / biodiesel to power vehicles

28. Plants for future solar cell generators for ENERGY POWER

29. Plants for future generations (self-renewing propagation)

30.. Aren't plants entertaining? (therapuetic gardening, fun for young & old alike, encourages us to be good stewards of our Mother Earth, fascinating observations of carnivorous plants in action)

31.. Seeds are the perfect emergency food on demand--they're small, portable, store well, and give nutrition with a little light or none, a little water, a little time.
32.. Seeds may be the currency of the future--they're small, portable, store well, desirable, barter well, and give forth life.