Propagation Techniques (or Trial & Error)


Some Cuttings that I am Propagating

Semi-Ripe Wood Cutting

The Double Knockout rose cuttings have been sitting outdoors in zone 9 climate in a jar of water since August 2009, and it is now Jan 2010--it formed roots about 3 months after sitting in water--no rooting hormones or any additives used. As you can see, the water was never changed out, and is a murky green stew of decomposing debris and slimy algae. But the roots on 3 of the cuttings are 3" long! The microculture has not been detrimental to the cuttings. If anything, it may even be giving the roots some nutrients!

Semi-Ripe Wood Cutting

This rose cutting was taken in September 2008, and sat in a jar of water throughout winter to summer, in direct full sun. It eventually flowered after about 9 months without ever being planted in soil.

Semi-Ripe Wood Cutting

This is a callous starting to form at the cut end of the rose stem after a month in soil (it had soaked in water for a week).

Semi-Ripe Wood Cutting

These are loquat stem cuttings that has been sitting in a jar of water on my kitchen window sill for a month now during the winter, and has new shoots coming out.

I'm also trying to see if just the leaves with a bit of the stem can also root.

Succulent Stem Cutting

This is a epiphyllum cutting that has been sitting in a an empty jar (no water) in my kitchen window sill for a month now during the winter, and has new roots coming out--from both ends of the cutting.

I have found that you can cut the epi leaf in half, but the bottom half roots faster and easier. The top half tended to rot more often. But then again, I don't treat my cuttings with fungicide.

Soft-Stem Leaf Cutting

I'm trying cyclamen leaves again...I'm gonna make these things root!

Soft-Stem Leaf Cutting

I have had the most success rooting African Violet leaves in a tiny yogurt bottle--they are the perfect size and the foil left on the bottle helps keep the leaves dry and prevents rotting/bruising. The roots show up in a few weeks.

Once, long long ago, I discovered, by accident, a way to make African Violet leaves root within 3 days with 3" roots! I don't have the "equipment" anymore, but I'll try it again someday.