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All I can say is WOW!!! My first Yuzu purchase is sprouting and doing so well. I just planted the new Yuzu and Kaffir in a planter tonight.


...they're doing well ... almost all of them have obvious new growth, and the few others still look fresh and green, so they're perking away in there!
As for growing cuttings, to tell the truth, I've read all the expert advice and tried several methods to start cuttings, and then one day I was trimming my Cesar Chavez roses and had to stop suddenly, leaving the cuttings forgotten on the ground, and they took root and grew!

So now, I trim off any dried tissue from the cut bottom down to fresh stem and then just stick them in good quality potting soil, [I use Miracle Gro] trying to bury at least two joints, and then leave them in an area with filtered sunlight and keep them moist. Only thing more I do is add a plant growth hormone to
the first watering - I use "Super Thrive" - and then again every other month or so. And almost all of them keep right on growing as if they'd never been cut. I have to be strong and force myself to throw out some of the prunings, or the way they take off for me, I'd be up to HERE in roses by now!




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